Classic Replacement Tops

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Classic Replacement Tops

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The Seattle Convertible Top Guys sell and install replacement tops for classic convertibles including Singer, Sunbeam, Triumph, Renault, Morgan, Morris Minor, Rover, Hillman Minx, Jensen, Karmann Ghia, Lancia, Nash and more. We're determined to find you the right top. We also guarantee flawless installation. The Seattle Convertible Top Guys are the replacement top pros!

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Karmann Ghia

Karmann Ghia tops
1958-66 Karmann Ghia
1966-67 Karmann Ghia model CNV 141
1967½-69 Karmann Ghia Model CNV 1411
1969½-76 Karmann Ghia

Clenet • Cobra • Hillman Minx • Lancia

1977-79 Clenet Roadster Series 1
1964-68 AC Cobra Bristol
1964-66½ AC Cobra Bristol Tonneau Cover
1964-68 AC Cobra Bristol Tonneau Cover
1957-59 Hillman Minx
1960-63 Hillman Minx
1964-67 Hillman Minx
1979-81 Lancia Zagato

Nash • Morgan • Morris Minor

classic tops
1954-58 Nash Metropolitan
1958-61 Nash Metropolitan
1954-56 Morgan Tonneau
1959-65 Morgan Tonneau
1966- Morgan Drophead Coupe Tonneau
1957-69 Morris Minor 1000

Rover • Singer

classic tops
1992-98 Rover 214, 216
1959-62 Singer Gazelle